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Talking about myself, Awesome!

My life is a hopscotch of experiences that have led me here.  Although many of my past jobs were never a good fit for me, the amount of knowledge about communicating with people during those times has created the introspective person I am today.  I am very thankful.

In 2007, I gained employment as a Systems Developer in a company rated in the top 100 best places to work 3 years in a row.  My time here gives me the opportunity to work with some of the best developers and leaders in the Agile world, trailblazers in XP Practices, wonderful friends, and a career I love.  I have served as a programmer, production support, quality assurance, team lead, product owner and a project manager.  In this environment I am always a student and a teacher.

Because of my need to learn and a serious concern about the growing number of “Agile zombies” out there, I created this blog with hopes to inspire questioning and thinking for yourself.  Thanks for Reading and please give me feedback!


Terry T

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